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Make CRM fast and easy. Fulfill the promise of productivity.

Intelligent alerts, CRM insights and inline editing that help revenue teams drive more revenue through higher productivity and deeper collaboration.

Break the Cycle of Reactivity. Propel your revenue flywheel.

Stop fighting fires and flying blind. Align everyone with your revenue strategy by harnessing the way people work and collaborate.

Send alerts to all the right people in Slack and MS Teams as soon as something critical happens and enable direct action.

Bring CRM to where your team already works to make updates convenient and save reps 5+ hours a week.

Un-silo data to streamline handoffs, surface coaching opps, and never drop a single ball again.

Jump-start collaboration to keep everyone aligned on the latest movements and propel deals to the finish line.

Give recognition, celebrate wins and foster team unity as you grow deal velocity and size, together.


Get more out of the platforms you already use.

Troops helps you get more mileage out of the solutions already in your tech stack by bringing them to your teams.