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26 of the Best Slack Integrations for Metrics Driven Teams

Today there are over 500 bots and slack integrations that teams everywhere are using to level up their business. 

This is awesome! #botcity

slack integrations

…but if you’re new to the slackification of work, identifying the best bots and integrations for your business can be a bit daunting – five hundo is a lot and the number is growing everyday.

One of the most important things teams need to align on and communicate around is the performance of their business which is often reflected in the numbers.

The ability to see right data, at the right time, in a place where every single stakeholder who needs to make a decision is engaged a complete game-changer…this is where integrations come in!

Below we’ve handpicked some of the best slack integrations for analytics within different components of your business.

We’ve grouped them in 6 separate categories that support a variety of functions:

  • Group A: Always Be Closing 👏 (Sales)
  • Group B: Apps on Apps on Apps 📈 (App Usage)
  • Group C: More Than Just Advertising 🚀 (Marketing)
  • Group D: Say Wha? 🤔 (Customer Feedback)
  • Group E: The Bottom Line Is You Have To Know The Bottom Line 💰 (Finance)
  • Group F: I Pick Up Tickets And Put Them Down 💪 (Developer)

Read on below, and if you see an a slack integration we missed worth checking out, let us know in the comments!

Group A: Always Be Closing 👏 (Sales)

Though sales teams have been a tad slower to adopt Slack than say developers, clarity around the top use cases for sales teams on Slack have started to emerge. In this section, we’ve highlighted five of the best Slack integrations that salespeople we’ve been talking to love to use for easier access to data and metrics.

slack integrations

1. Clearbit

You shouldn’t try to sell to someone in 2016 without doing the proper amount of research about them ahead of time. This is where the Clearbit integration kicks in — install it in your Slack team and get real-time information every time a new lead or signup occurs on your website.

Slack integration in action:

slack integrations


slack integrations

2. MadKudu

Predictive analytics tools help salespeople prioritize which prospects to focus the lionshare of their energy on. The MadKudu Slack app notifies your team when a potentially high value customer has signed up, or when a customer has reached a certain engagement level…huge!

slack integrations

3. Sales Reporter by LaunchKit

For companies selling products in the app store, Lauchkit’s Slack integration aggregates daily download totals and sales summaries for you apps and seamlessly delivers it to your team. Setup is as simple as adding your email address and connecting your iTunes account.

slack integrations

4. DataFox

Ever wanted a way to know exactly when  a compelling event occurs with someone you’re selling to like being mentioned in the news? DataFox’s slack integration notifies you of these instances (and others) in real time. This is a killer feature to utilize when opportunities are stalled and you need a reason to drive the conversation forward.

slack integrations

5. Troops

We’re giving ourselves some love here if you don’t mind 😙

The Troops Salesforce Slack integration makes it easy to use CRM data to do your job. Troops lets you instantly push and pull Salesforce data in and out of Slack, making Slack a hub for both you and your team.

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Group B: Apps on Apps on Apps 📈 (App Metrics)

Like Apple Pie, user data is best served warm — and in Slack. Check out these four Slack apps that surface relevant research and real-time metrics around who’s coming to your app and how they’re using it.

slack integrations

6. Chartbeat

When it comes to publications online, traffic is king. Get alerted what your top pages are and where your audience is coming from at all times by integrating Chartbeat.

slack integrations

7. Exversion

This pretty cool Slack app searches any query you ask it for from your relevant datasets. After searching, you either receive the result or a list of links that are likely a good place to start from. If you’re unhappy with the results, simply request the data if you have a connected Exversion account.

slack integrations

8. Databox

Integrations with Google Analytics, Stripe, Facebook, Mixpanel and more make Databox a powerful monitoring tool for all the metrics that are relevant to your business.

Slack integration in action:

slack integrations

slack integrations

9. Wagon

Wagon brings data visualizations to your Slack team with simple SQL queries, which is killer because you can instantly call updated charts with a quick slash command. We love Wagon because it makes it incredibly easy to do something that previously was cumbersome, and they also have a badass name & logo. #props

Slack integration in action:

slack integrations

Group C: More Than Just Advertising 🚀 (Marketing)

Slack integrations for marketers have taken off…it’s almost like they’re good at getting their word out or something. 

We’ve sifted through the pile of marketing-specific tools available on Slack to bring you seven of the best slack integrations. Whether we’re talking about Statsbot, which connects to your top apps, or Mention which pings you whenever your brand is mentioned online, below you’ll find some great bots that bring analytics to your marketing.

slack integrations

10.  Statsbot

With support for Mixpanel, New Relic, and everyone’s favorite son Google Analytics, Statsbot combines functionality with a slick user experience making it essential for marketers.

Similar to Troops’ Salesforce reports, we love this bot because it pushes you what you need to know instead of making you log into a system and run reports to make data driven decisions.

slack integrations

11. Brand24

Get notifications of your company in real-time so your team can stay up-to-date on what’s creating buzz and what’s falling flat. You can specify your most important projects for even more relevant notifications.

slack integrations

12. Mention

Mention is another tool that allows you to see when your brand has gotten a shout out somewhere on the web. One thing we like is that you can add additional filters to only see when an influencer has shouted you out or receive all the notifications in a daily recap message.

slack integrations

13. Content Tracker by Priceonomics

For the content marketers out there, Content Tracker pings you with information surrounding individual pieces of content and their performance. One extra bonus is that if a post of yours is going viral, it will let you know so you can coordinate promotion accordingly. This mirrors some functionality similar to Blossom Bot built by the New York Times.

Slack integration in action:

slack integrations

slack integrations

14. Growth Report

This clever Slack integration ports in your existing analytics account and pumps simple charts such as Weekly Active Users or Activation into your Slack team.

slack integrations

15. Monkeyworks

Monkeyworks’ Marketing Monitor connects to Google AdWords and Optimizely to send you smart messages whenever you should check in, keeping an eye on your numbers so you don’t have to. If actually remembering to copy test is the bain of your existence, you might want to check this out.

Monkeyworks is also taking votes for the next integration they should build here.

slack integrations

16. GetResponse

This is an excellent Slack app you need if you have a newsletter for your biz. For their customers, GetResponse updates you regarding subscribes, unsubscribes, when your newsletter is sent, as well as metrics around open and click rates.

Group D: Say Wha? 🤔 (Customer Feedback)

Our next three featured Slack apps are incredibly useful for monitoring customer feedback and success — whether we’re talking about driving product prioritization, marketing strategy, or sales positioning, your customers’ words should be at the core of your decision making which is why these apps are so valuable.

slack integrations

17. AppFollow

If you’ve got an app, you know the value of crushing it in the App Store or Google Play; AppFollow delivers you critical analytics around reviews and search result positions straight to Slack.

slack integrations

18. Review Monitor by LaunchKit

You’ll want to know when your app gets a new review in the App Store, so be sure to integrate this bot by LaunchKit in your Slack team. Review Monitor will send new reviews directly to you in Slack, and even lets you auto-tweet top reviews if you connect your Twitter account.

slack integrations

19. Drift

Drift, which recently launched Drift 2.0, has changed the game around handling customer support and feedback on your website. At Troops, we’ve found Drift’s analytics around who has been talking to us and how that number has grown over time incredibly valuable. In Slack, we use Drift to respond to customers and get updates on who has signed up to our site.

Group E: The Bottom Line Is You Have To Know The Bottom Line 💰 (Finance)

Hopefully self-respecting data-driven organizations don’t forget about financial numbers when their geeking out about all the other available metrics. I think Erlich  showed us all what can happen if you don’t watch the money closely with his Bachmanity launch party…we still love him anyways!

slack integrations

20. Revealytics

In the big wide world of SaaS, all your revenue metrics are critical. From MRR to LTV, the handy Revealytics Slack integration connects to your Stripe account and displays it when you type a simple keyword…so dope.

Slack integration in action:

slack integrations


slack integrations

21. Sway Finance

Need more than just Stripe data? Sway takes it a step further and integrates with your bank accounts to surface data around expenses and bank balances right when you need it.

slack integrations

22. Baremetrics

Get the SaaS analytics you normally need from Stripe, Braintree or Recurly right in Slack. On top of that, the Baremetrics Slack integration sends instant notifications around important events (charges, new customers, cancellations, etc.).

Group F: I Pick Up Tickets And Put Them Down 💪 (Developer)

What good are all these slack integrations if your application or site is down? Check out these handy developer friendly integrations that play a critical role in helping your team monitor and collaborate around product and engineering performance. Questioning whether or not your dev team should be on Slack? Check out this interesting take.

slack integrations

23. New Relic

Give your engineering team an easy way to monitor web and mobile applications by installing the New Relic app on your Slack team. Every time there is an alert triggered in New Relic, you’ll get a message in Slack.

slack integrations

24. Crashlytics

Crashlytics is designed for reporting specifically when a crash occurs with your app. It’s a must have for any system that can’t afford too much down time (read: all products).

slack integrations

25. Datadog

Now that teams are building everything on the cloud, having a Slack integration like Datadog that monitors your cloud-based application is super valuable. Surface charts, metrics and alerts to public channels and quickly get your support engineers on any pressing issues.

slack integrations

26. Librato

Another monitoring Slack app, Librato allows you to view metrics up and down your application stack. Set up notifications and get Librato Alerts and charts to a channel in your Slack team.

Slack integration in action:

slack integrations

Phew…that was a lot.

If you’ve made it through this hefty list we want to give you a big high-five! Hopefully you’ve found a few in here that can help you increase efficiency in your business.

slack integrations

One common theme amongst all of these integrations is that they make it much easier to see the information you need to make decisions.

Sure people can log into systems and do this today, but the reality is many people don’t. There’s too much friction. This is why automating the delivery of this information within a business hub like Slack can be so powerful! 

These are some of the best Slack integrations in our opinion, but we know we probably missed a few. If you know anything killer related to analytics or data, let us know in the comments below so everyone can check it out!


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