for AEs, Customer Success

Celebrate Upsells with Digital Gong

Congratulations – you upsold an account! Obviously, it’s time to celebrate (and brag a little). Use Troops Digital Gong to automatically post your awesome win with details to Slack and let the love come raining down upon you.



WHAT: Digital Gong to celebrate upsells
TYPE: Troops Alert
FOR: AEs, Customer Success
WHY USE THIS: To automatically post details of your awesome win in Slack when you upsell an account in Salesforce
HOW: Create a Digital Gong alert in Troops and use filters if needed to only show certain transactions


Outcomes: ➕team morale

Bonus: increased use of the phrase “crushing it”

In Order To Make Magic Happen….

Integrations Needed:  search   search
Channels: Win Channel
Recommended Schedule: N/A (Real-time)


⚠️ To utilize this report, you’ll need to track upsells as individual opportunities and a stage to signify upsells closing.

For our example, we will be using the Closed Won stage to fulfill this requirement.

How To Do It

 1. Set up the Gong in Troops, with filters if needed

  • Recommended filters
    • If your business is very transactional, filter for gong to fire only for upsells over a certain amount


2. The next time you upsell an account, the gong will fire in Slack!

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