for AEs, Entire Organization, Sales Ops

Celebrate Deal Wins with Digital Gong

Congratulations – you closed a deal! Obviously, it’s time to celebrate (and brag a little). Use Troops Digital Gong to automatically post your awesome win with details to Slack and let the love come raining down upon you.



WHAT: Digital Gong to celebrate deal wins
TYPE: Troops Alert
FOR: AEs, Sales Ops, Entire Organization
WHY USE THIS: To automatically post details of your awesome win in Slack when you close a deal in Salesforce
HOW: Create a Digital Gong alert in Troops and use filters if needed to only show certain deals


Outcomes: ➕team morale

Bonus: increased use of the phrase “crushing it” 


In Order To Make Magic Happen….

Integrations Needed:  search   search
Channels: Sales Win Channel
Recommended Schedule: N/A (Real-time)


⚠️ To utilize this report, you’ll need to track deals as opportunities in your pipeline and a stage to signify which deals your team has won.

For our example, we will be using a Closed Won deal stage to fulfill this requirement.

 How To Do It

 1. Set up the Gong in Troops, with filters if needed

  • Recommended filters
    • If your business is very transactional, have the gong fire only for deals over a certain amount


2. The next time you win a deal, the gong will fire in Slack!

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