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Improve Forecasting with [Close] Date Hygiene Reports

It says this deal was going to close yesterday, but we didn’t ring the gong??? 🎉 Smells like dirty data in here…

One way teams leverage Troops is by automatically disseminating overdue date reports on information like Close Dates. These report types can obviously used for any date, but below we’ll discuss automation of close date reports.



WHAT: Report to flag when close dates are past due
TYPE: Troops Report
FOR: AEs, Sales Leaders, Sales Ops
WHY USE THIS: Keep your team accountable to updating close dates in order to improve forecasting and accurate pipeline visibility
HOW: Using your Close Date Overdue report in Salesforce, use Troops to automatically alert reps (or managers) when close dates are past due
➕CRM hygiene                                                                                                                                             Bonus: CFO mental health

In Order To Make Magic Happen….

Integrations Needed:  search   search
Channels: Direct Message, Public AE’s, CRM Shame
Recommended Schedule: 1-2x a week*

*Troops will only auto-deliver this report if SFDC identifies your close dates are overdue. It will not deliver blank reports.


⚠️To utilize this report, you’ll need a field or activity type to designate Close Dates across the object you care about. We recommend updating your existing Close Dates before implementing this flow.

For our example, we will be using the Opportunity object and standard Close Date field to fulfill these requirements, in a My Opportunities view.

How To Do It

 1. Create a Close Date Overdue report in Salesforce

  • Required filter
    • Date Field: Close Date → Last Week*
  • Recommended filter
    • Show My Opportunities, status Open

guides-closedateoverdue*Last Week vs. Yesterday is recommended in case reps are notified, and forget to update it the first time.

  • Recommended layout
    • Summarize by Stage
    • Columns
      • Opportunity Name, Stage, Close Date, Last Activity Date, Next step Date (custom field)

2. Enable the Close Date Overdue report in your Troops dashboard


3. Pick a channel and schedule your report for delivery in Slack

  • Recommended for AE’s: DM 1-2 a week
  • Recommended for Sales Leadership and Ops: DM 2x a week or before one on ones, Public in #crmshame channel


CROs and finance rejoice…the road to updated close dates just got a little bit easier!

If you really want to take it to the next level, we recommend checking out our close date alerts functionality 😎

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