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Increase Visibility into Meetings Set

One of the best ways for managers to understand how they can help coach their team is visibility into their upcoming meetings 📅

Shared calendars, like anything that requires someone to log in and view, often fall by the wayside amidst chaos which is why automatically delivering your teams upcoming schedule has become a popular trend.

Troops makes it easy to have your team’s agenda’s sent to you by scheduling a Weekly Meetings Report.



WHAT: Scheduled report to see your team's upcoming meetings
TYPE: Troops Report
FOR: AEs, Sales Leaders, Sales Ops
WHY USE THIS: Automate visibility into your team's output and who they're talking to in order to provide timely coaching
HOW: Using your Weekly Meetings report in Salesforce, use Troops to automatically delivery your reps' meeting schedules
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In Order To Make Magic Happen….

Integrations Needed:  search   search
Channels: Direct Message, Public AE’s
Recommended Schedule: Mondays


⚠️To utilize this report, you’ll need to be tracking future meetings in Salesforce. Many companies use tasks or events in order to do this.

For our example, we will be using Tasks with Type = Meeting

How To Do It

 1. Create a Weekly Meetings report in Salesforce

  • Required filter
    • Your designated Activity Type field → Meeting
  • Recommended filter
    • Show My team’s activities, Open Activities, Tasks Only


  • Recommended layout
    • Summarize by Assigned To
    • Columns
      • Due Date, Company/Account, Subject, Status (custom field)

2. Enable the Meetings This Week report in your Troops dashboard


3. Pick a channel and schedule your report for delivery in Slack

  • Recommended for Sales Leadership and Ops: DM 1-2 a week, ideally Mondays
  • Recommended for AE’s and SDRs: Mondays in personal DM 



Having your data live somewhere in the attention economy isn’t enough. You need to make sure it’s auto-delivered to you in a place you’ll actually look at in order to be actionable.

This weekly meetings report is a great example of this : )

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