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Monitor Pipeline Momentum with a Recent Stage Changes Reports

Sales team momentum (aka the Big Mo) is a real thing. As a team, you want to monitor that velocity by looking at what opportunities are progressing on a regular basis.

With Troops, you can automatically surface deals that are on the move by setting up a Stage Change Date scheduled report in Slack. #TheBigMo



WHAT: Report to surface recent deal stage changes
TYPE: Troops Report
FOR: Sales Leaders, Sales Ops, AEs
Service title
HOW: Using your Last Change Date report in Salesforce, use Troops to create awareness around deals that are moving in Slack
➕deal velocity ➕cross-team alignment

In Order To Make Magic Happen….

Integrations Needed:  search   search
Channels: Sales, AE
Recommended Schedule: Weekly


⚠️ To utilize this report, you’ll need to have a way to track deals in your pipeline and stages through which those deals close.

For our example, we will be using the Opportunity object and Stage field to fulfill these requirements.

How To Do It

 1. Create a Recent Stage Changes report in Salesforce

  • Required filter
    • In Date Field, select Last Stage Change Date
  • Recommended filters
    • Set the date range for Last Week and exclude deals that have closed (track wins with our gong!)


  • Recommended layout
    • Summarize by Opportunity Owner
    • Columns
      • Opportunity Name, Last Stage Change Date, Stage, Amount, Close Date

2. Enable the Recent Stage Changes report in your Troops dashboard


3. Pick a channel and schedule your report for daily delivery in Slack

  • Recommended: Once a week (start or end) in a public sales channel with all reps. If you choose to receive your report at the end of the week, be sure to set the date range for your report to This Week instead of Last Week in Step 1.



Managers – keeping on the pulse of deal velocity is critical for you and your reps. By being transparent and surfacing when you’ve had a few good weeks of movement or know when things are stalling, you’ll be able to take action sooner.

A change report like this can be used in many different instances, but we find this use case around stage changes particularly valuable.

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