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Drive Pipeline with No Activity Reports

Every rep will tell you, the hardest part of their job is “managing the chaos” amidst everything going on.

One way to give your sellers a safety net is by sending them a No Activity Report using Troops that alerts them when opportunities may be slipping through the cracks.



WHAT: Scheduled reports that surface accounts and opportunities without activity in a certain interval
TYPE: Troops Report
FOR: SDRs, AEs, AMs, Sales Leaders, Sales Ops
WHY USE THIS: Prevent things from slipping through the cracks with automated reports that surface deals without activity
HOW: Using your No Activity report in Salesforce, use Troops to automatically alert reps (or managers) when accounts haven't had any recent activity

Outcomes:¬†‚ěēpipeline velocity¬†‚ěēchurn reduction

Bonus: Manager peace of mind, happy accounts happy life

In Order To Make Magic Happen….

Integrations Needed:  search   search
Channels: Direct Message, AEs, SDRs, Customer Success
Recommended Schedule: 3x a week


‚ö†ÔłŹTo utilize this report, you’ll need to be diligently tracking activities¬†against an account in Salesforce.

For our example, we will be using opportunities that haven’t had activity against them in 14 days.

How To Do It

 1. Create a No Activity Report report in Salesforce

  • Required Filter
    • Last Activity not equal to LAST 14 DAYS
  • Recommended Filters
    • Show My Opportunities, Status¬†Open, Close Date¬†‚Üí Current FQ


  • Recommended Layout
    • Summarize by Stage*
    • Columns
      • Opportunity Name, Stage, Last Activity, Next Step

*Managers can sort by Opportunity Owner for team views

2. Enable the No Activity Report report in your Troops dashboard



3. Pick a channel and schedule your report for delivery in Slack

  • Recommended¬†for AE’s & CSMs: DM 1-2 a week
  • Recommended¬†for Sales¬†Leadership and Ops:¬†DM 2x¬†a week, Public in #Sales¬†channel



Make it easy for your team to have a “sales safety net” to stay on top of their most precious deals and relationships…we all know what happens when we ask them to run reports to manage the chaos…

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