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Save Deals in Danger of Stalling with a Deals at Risk Report

Your SDRs and AEs puts in a lot of great work to get the lead, disco call, follow up, meet again. Then sometimes…nothing. As a sales leader or C-suite exec, you know that stalled deals often lead to bad results, and you want to do whatever it takes to help move the deal forward. 

The first step is knowing what deals should be on your radar with a warning sign. With Troops, you can automatically surface deals that have lived in a stage for an extended period of time using Deals at Risk scheduled report in Slack. Let’s get those deals moving 🚆.



WHAT: Report to surface deals that are in danger of stalling
TYPE: Troops Report
FOR: Sales Leaders, C-Suite
WHY USE THIS: Use this report as a trigger to help save deals that may otherwise stall
HOW: Using your Deals at Risk report in Salesforce, use Troops to surface deals that have remained stuck in a given stage in Slack
Outcomes:  ➕rep performance ➕deal velocity ➕win rate                                                                                         
Bonus: Join the Presidents Club, golf Fridays, manager peace of mind

In Order To Make Magic Happen….

Integrations Needed:  search   search
Channels: Personal DM
Recommended Schedule: Weekly


⚠️To utilize this report, you’ll need to have a way to track deals in your pipeline and stages through which those deals close.

For our example, we will be using the Opportunity object and Stage field to fulfill these requirements.

 How To Do It

 1. Create a Deals at Risk report in Salesforce

  • Required filters
    • Add a filter that shows Stage Duration greater than [your choice]
    • Use Last Stage Date Change on Date Field to set how far in the past you want to go
  • Recommended filters
    • Exclude deals that have closed, and filter to see deals only above a certain amount


  • Recommended layout
    • Summarize by Opportunity Owner
    • Columns
      • Opportunity Name, Stage, Stage Duration, Amount or Close Date, Next Step

2. Enable the Deals at Risk report in your Troops dashboard


3. Pick a channel and schedule your report for daily delivery in Slack

  • Recommended: Once a week (start or end) in a Direct Message



While you’d love to be proactively notified by a rep when a deal is going stale, we know that doesn’t always happen. This report will help make sure deals aren’t falling off.

Want to encourage your reps to be more proactive? Encourage them to run this report for themselves as well 🙂

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