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How to Search and Edit your Salesforce Records in Slack

Whether it’s research before a call or tweaking an opp with your manager before your one-on-one, looking up information on your customers is something a lot of us do constantly.

We also often want to make changes to the records we see when we search.

Slogging through myriads of fields over and over again just to find and edit a few key pieces of information isn’t exactly what we’d call fun….neither is going back and forth between Salesforce and the place you’re having meaningful conversations about your customers to do this work.

So we built Troops’ Search + Edit, which allows you to view and update your most important customer information inside of Slack.

This works seamlessly across devices and turns the command line into a Salesforce search bar with just a few keystrokes within both personal messages and public channels.


From the moment you sign up for Troops, you’ll be able to access this functionality. You can also completely customize your search experience to view and update your most important customer data points across all Salesforce objects. This includes both custom fields and custom objects.


How to Customize Troops’ Search

1. Go to your Troops Dashboard and select “Configure” to configure what fields you want to display for each Salesforce object.


2. Here you’re able to select up to 10 fields for each object. Don’t forget to click Save when done!




3. Repeat Step 2 for the the rest of your Salesforce objects. Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunities are the standard Salesforce objects, but you’re also able to add any custom objects by selecting “+Add Object”.




Now you’re able to start viewing and editing your records in Slack!


Using Search From Slack

1. Go to your Slack app and select the channel or DM you’d like your search result to display in. A best practice we recommend is DM-ing the @troops bot if you aren’t looking to share the result in a channel.


2. In your message bar, type “/troops”, followed by what you would like to search.

    1. For example, if you want to look up “Pied Piper”, type “/troops pied piper” into Slack.


3. This search interaction mirrors what you would see in Salesforce, so all of the related objects to your search term will appear first.


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 7.27.33 PM


In this instance, it looks like I have multiple opportunities and contacts inside of the Pied Piper account.


4. To view your results, click into the object, then narrow down to the record you are searching for to display the result. The fields you configured to show will appear with the result.

Slack_-_TroopsCommand 3


5. To edit a field, select “Edit field”, choose a field from the dropdown, and key in the change. Don’t forget to hit “Save” when done.

Slack_-_TroopsCommand 4



How do I pull up the search again?

In your Slack message bar, the format to search is: “/troops [search term]”


What channels can I conduct my search in

In any Slack channels or DMs. A best practice when searching just for yourself is by DM-ing the @troops bot


Can I look up custom objects?

Yes, you’re able to configure any objects that you use in Salesforce


How many record fields can I display?

You can select up to 10 fields


What types of fields are supported for editing?

Picklists, numerics, and date fields are currently supported for editing


How do I “delete” an object from my search results?

When you have selected the object you want deleted, on the left sidebar, you should be able to click “Hide” to not show this object anymore



I recently added a new field to one of my objects, but it doesn’t seem to appear in my list selectable fields…what’s going on?

Troops syncs your Salesforce fields every ~15 minutes, so if you wait they should populate with a refresh


Can I show hidden fields?

Yes, the list of selectable fields includes all of your fields on the particular object, whether it is hidden in your Salesforce layout or not


Can you link out to the Salesforce record in Slack from a search?

Yes, on your search result in Slack, there is a link back to the actual record in Salesforce called “Click Here to Open this [Object] in Salesforce”


Who has access to search & edit using Troops?

Anyone with a Troops account has the ability to search and edit Salesforce records


If you have any other questions that we haven’t answered, feel free to get in touch with us at!