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Shoutout your SDRs when they Set Meetings

Ahh, your Sales Development team. A key function in most sales orgs that often goes under-recognized.

Well, not anymore! Now you can shoutout their hustle and hard work using Troops’ Opportunity Stage Change Alerts to automatically inform your company in Slack whenever an SDR creates an opportunity in Salesforce after successfully setting up a meeting.

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WHAT: An alert that celebrates your SDRs' opportunity creation
TYPE: Troops Alert
FOR: Sales Leaders, Sales Ops, SDRs, Entire Organization
WHY USE THIS: To automatically post details of your newly created opportunity in Slack
HOW: Create an Opportunity Stage Change Alert in Troops and customize your message to shout out your SDRs


Outcomes: ➕visibility into wins, ➕team morale


In Order To Make Magic Happen….

Integrations Needed:  search   search
Channels: Sales Win Channel
Recommended Schedule: N/A (Real-time)


⚠️ To utilize this alert, you’ll need to recognize SDR-scheduled meetings as created opportunities in a specific stage.

For our example, we will be using a Demo Scheduled stage to fulfill this requirement.


 How To Do It

1. Go to your Troops dashboard and create your Opportunity Stage Change Alert



2. Select which Slack channel you want to be alerted in


3. Choose the opportunity stage in which you want to be alerted


4. Add any additional filters




5. Customize your message specific to the opportunity stage owner, opportunity name, and stage. You can also @channel or @here in your message.




6. Choose to toggle on or off a celebratory GIF




7. Name your alert & add up to 5 attributes to your message and you’re done!


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If you have any other questions that we haven’t answered, feel free to get in touch with us at!