Deal Rooms: Close, Retain, & Grow Strategic Deals

Account-Based Collaboration empowers teams to work your biggest accounts together, faster.
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  • Drive executive and cross-functional stakeholder engagement to improve win rates and accelerate conversations.
  • Build a stronger, more motivated, and consistently successful sales team by making sales a team sport.
  • Seamlessly strategize before meetings, align on next steps, and better understand your prospects’ needs by working in one place.
  • Share and access important documents from Slack and Salesforce in a Deal Room to move forward, faster.


  • Spark coaching moments between reps and managers.
  • Surface real-time buying signals that increase sales velocity.
  • Keep your entire team up-to-date on a deal’s progress with critical Salesforce updates, calendar reminders, and relevant news alerts.
  • Establish the source of truth for a deal’s lifecycle. No more digging through email, different Slack channels, and Salesforce Chatter posts
“Deal Rooms has really given both account executives and the entire field team more freedom to be able to progress their deals more quickly. It has also allowed our executives to stay on top of our organization's most important opportunities without having to set aside time in their busy schedules.”
Hector Hernandez
VP of Sales


  • Understand all the work going into a deal instantly by pulling up a Deal Room.
  • Stop wasting time digging up a document or deck, manually storing data back to Salesforce, and juggling conversations in multiple places.
  • Keep your team organized and focused on closing the deal.
"At Behavox, we believe strongly in a full team approach when closing deals. Troops provides visibility to everyone involved, fostering open communication, allowing us to stay in sync and ultimately accelerating the cycle.”
Rob Dandorph
VP of Global Revenue Ops

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