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Salesforce Contact Management Workflow

Troops’ Salesforce Contact Management workflows are the easiest way to stay on top of and manage any of your most important relationships directly from Slack.

Want to stay in touch with a key contact at a certain cadence? Or make sure that you’re continuously updating the status of that relationship in your CRM? Troops makes any workflow on the contact object easy to create and implement for your team.

Step one of creating a Salesforce Contact Management workflow is identifying the key processes based on certain contact fields, dates, or activity that you would like to streamline and drive greater accountability to.

From here, Troops’ workflow builder makes it easy to automate an actionable experience that can be sent to any individual or group of individuals on your team. Workflows can be further enhanced by adding customizable actions so that your team knows exactly what to do.

If your team is using Slack and Salesforce, you need to be streamlining your Salesforce Contact Management processes using Troops!
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