Salesforce Meeting Workflow

The Simplest Calendar
Integration for Logging Meeting Notes

Troops now integrates with your Calendar to receive prompts for quickly logging calls to Salesforce and making key updates.

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  • No More Excuses for Not Logging Meeting Notes
    Troops' Meeting Workflow reminds your team to log their meetings to Salesforce with just a few clicks.

  • Increase Visibility into Open Deals
    Pump your team's call notes right into Slack and keep your entire organization up-to-date on ongoing sales conversations.

  • Enhance Activity Tracking
    With more accurate activity tracking, you'll be able to better understand how deals move through your sales funnel and discover areas for improvement.

Customize Reminders for Your Team to Log Meetings

  • Reps can receive prompts before or after meetings, once during the day, or once a week
  • Quickly configure for any Troops user on your team
  • Configure actions, including creating records or updating deals