Supercharged sales performance, perfect for every team.

Troops helps you celebrate, automate, integrate, and collaborate, to win more deals as a team.

Troops: Celebrate

Celebrating together builds healthier and happier teams.
  • Get real-time alerts, insights, and activity tracking across your entire sales pipeline in Slack.
  • Provide everyone visibility into the sales process where they can celebrate wins and learn from losses together - even without a Salesforce account.
  • Keep everyone aligned, motivated, and informed, improving team morale and promoting a positive and healthy sales culture, no matter how remote or distributed your teams are.

Troops: Automate

Stay on top of everything and automate daily activities.
  • Keep opportunities moving with real-time notifications, making hand-off a breeze between teams.
  • Build Salesforce workflows that alert reps in Slack to take action.
  • Get your Salesforce reports right from Slack on desktop and mobile.

Troops: Integrate

Close more deals with the complete integration of Salesforce and Slack.
  • Build comprehensive workflows with custom actions that help you update Salesforce directly from Slack.
  • Automate routine sales management activities so you can devote more time to key coaching moments that help everyone learn and grow.
  • Get real-time pipeline analytics and track team performance with complete Salesforce API monitoring.

Troops: Collaborate

Work key accounts together with Deal Rooms, perfect for account-based collaboration.
  • Deliver the best possible customer experience by bringing teams together to support accounts -- increasing your close rate, improving sales velocity, and reducing churn.
  • Timely notifications keep everyone focused. See instantly which customers are up for renewal, at risk of churning, or stuck in your pipeline too long.
  • Built for scale, with a 99% uptime SLA, single sign on, and dedicated support.

Troops: Enterprise

Enterprise-scale sales optimization.
  • Best for large and high-growth teams, Troops Enterprise has the power and support you need to exceed your goals.
  • Get the complete suite of Troops features, including alpha product releases, and a Troops Alliance ¬†membership with a direct line to our product team.
  • Built for the enterprise, with custom integrations, invoicing, and our Enterprise Concierge Services.

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