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Supercharge your top-of-funnel.

Decrease lead response time and route high quality buying signals directly to your team.

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Never waste a lead again.

Route and assign leads in Slack in real-time to be notified of those that still need a touch.

“Our team has seen a significant decrease in unworked leads and lead response times since we started using Troops.”

Kat Warboys, Marketing Manager APAC, Hubspot

Respond to buying signals as soon as they happen

A prospective customer just visited your pricing page, signed up for a webinar, or checked out your demo video. Troops lets you jump on that activity in real time.

“Troops makes it really easy for us to run our inbound process in Slack and hold reps accountable to their activity.”

Lisa Di Biasi, Sales Operations, Periscope Data

Motivate and recognize your team.

Celebrate individual or team wins to recognize a job well done.

Partner Stories
HubSpot saw a huge decrease in unworked leads with Troops.Learn More
PandaDoc reduced time-to-touch to less than 5 minutes with Troops.Learn More

Drive team activity with data transparency.

Drive greater transparency everywhere. Schedule leaderboards in Slack to keep each rep accountable and motivated. Let them see how they are performing day over day.

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