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Drive revenue predictability and CRM excellence.

Turning your revenue business into a highly accurate, efficient machine.

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Keep your Salesforce data clean with pipeline automations.

Reps save time and improve pipeline accuracy with our interactive hygiene workflows.

“The Troops integration takes a 20–30 minute exercise and dilutes it to 1–2 minutes. Seriously so much value for me. Every minute counts.”

Ahad Raza, AE, Invision

Never waste a lead again.

Route and assign leads in Slack in real-time to be notified of those that still need a touch.

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Blue Acorn updates +$1M of pipeline in 30 days using Troops.Learn More
HubSpot saw a huge decrease in unworked leads with Troops.Learn More

Operationalize internal customer handoffs.

Share needed information between your sales, success, and support teams with the full flow of information delivered at the right time.

“With Troops it’s the first time we can see real critical deal flow…the whole org feels like it is actually in tune with the business. That never happened with email.”

Ben Sternsmith, VP Sales, Lyft

Align your entire organization around your customers.

Forecasts, deal statuses, and even call notes can be automatically posted in Slack, which means everyone can stay in tune with deal and account progress and milestones.

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