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Turning your revenue business into a highly accurate, predictable machine.

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Automate pipeline forecasts.

Reps save time and improve forecasts by easily updating upcoming or overdue Close Dates.

“The Troops integration takes a 20–30 minute exercise and dilutes it to 1–2 minutes. Seriously so much value for me. Every minute counts.”

Ahad Raza, AE, Invision

Catch stuck deals.

Alerts reps to deals that are going stale to maintain momentum and keep pipeline data clean.

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Blue Acorn updates +$1M of pipeline in 30 days using Troops.Learn More
Family brings key opp changes into Slack using Troops.Learn More

Respond to Leads faster to maximize your pipeline.

Route and assign leads in Slack in real-time to jump on potential revenue.

“With Troops it’s the first time we can see real critical deal flow...the whole org feels like it is actually in tune with the business. That never happened with email.”

Ben Sternsmith, VP Sales, Lyft

Win more deals by coaching your team.

Get automatically notified of critical deal changes and discuss next steps to help reps close and progress deals.

Log meetings through Slack prompts.

Integrate your Calendar to receive timely workflows for logging calls and updating Salesforce.

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